Saint Petersburg International Boat Show 2016
01.08.2016 Saint Petersburg International Boat Show 2016 1-3 September 2016 at the Imperial Yacht Club Saint Petersburg International Boat Show 16 was held; it had already become a traditional autumn yacht show in Palmyra of the North.
Beware! Fake!
01.06.2016 Beware! Fake! It has happened! Thanks to their quality and safety GRIZZLY 580 НТ and GRIZZLY 580 CRUIZER boats became so popular, that became the matter for fake.  
A few years ago the delegation from Samara visited our factory. As a result they bought few boats as if they were going to sell them in their region. Guys blankly copied the common construction and began to produce it in Samara. For selling they used the original name without changes, but they also added to their masterwork different disadvantages that make their product less useful for exploitation and simply insecure.


Aluminum boats and motorboats GRIZZLY

Big and beautiful boats nowadays are becoming more and more convenient way for fishing, rest with friends and family, active rest on the water. Existence of comfortable boat for fishing or rest is for someone just a matter of reasonableness, a wish to feel himself comfortably and safety in the big water areas of Russian North-West, known all around the world.

Aluminum boats market is rich with offers of different companies from Russia and other countries. In this situation taking and holding the leading position can be achieved only by high-quality and safety products with a great credibility.

Nowadays Grizzly company holds the leading positions firmly, annually widening range and increasing sales volume of aluminum boats (constructed and produced in the own factory in Saint Petersburg ). All the best was taken from the experience of big foreign companies and as a result a line of aluminum boats for different conditions and tasks was made. Along with the great attention to the building quality during all production phases, our politic is also to adhere to the rational prices, orienting to the real production costs but not the speculative traders rates. That is why Grizzly company has no need in advertisement, but just in presentation of its products. More about it you can find in the appropriate website sections.

Advantages of «Grizzly» boats

  • all boats are produced in the local factory
  • innovative technologies are used
  • highly-qualified professionals in shipbuilding work
  • flexible price policy

«Grizzly» boats history of sales

1110 2016
810 2015
530 2014
486 2012
431 2010
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