Interior view:

Exterior view:

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Usual fitting:

  • The choice of plastic colors,
  • Transom platform (crinoline).
  • Threaded and shipping tents,
  • a fine filter (separator), 
  • tachometer, additional pump,
  • targa (stainless steel) with spinnin-holders,
  • lights on targa,
  • additional lights in the cockpit,
  • attaching of glasses for spinning-holders,
  • bow and stern ladder.
  • The choice of plastic colors. Echo-sounder and audio-video equipment audio package, installation of projectors, equipment for trolling, components according to Maritim catalog, integration with new or little used motors.
  • Set of additional options, boats and motorboats tuning.


GRIZZLY 470 boat 395 000 руб
GRIZZLY 470 boat

Possible fittings:

  • Colour white plastic.
  • Steering with a steering cable with motor up to 80 hp. Self-draining cockpit and the bow anchor locker.
  • Stern locker.
  • Mooring cleats (4 pcs.).
  • The stationary fuel tank 80 l.
  • Soft cushion on the seat.
  • Control panel with a cigarette lighter and a voltmeter.
  • Running lights.
  • Electropomp.
  • Switch with the key.
  • The box for the battery.
  • Anti-slip coating on the fore and aft provides extra safety for passengers.

Brief description

Small mobile boat is popular among professionals of trolling concept. Light, agile, steady in the course and easily controlled. Hard-top cabin allows you to take shelter in case of bad weather, and spacious cockpit provides ample space while fishing. This concept will always find a response from the fans of trolling and excellent seaworthiness only betrays confidence. But do not think that 520 is only for fishermen, it is comfortable for small boat trips, water trips with family and friends.


Parameter GRIZZLY 520 HT
Length5.20 m
The maximum width of 1.89 m
Freeboard 0.95 m
Deadrise 17º
Transom height 510 mm
Mass 450 kg
Bottom thickness of 4 mm
Board thickness (bead forming)3 mm
Recommended engine power 50-80 hp
Hull material aluminum-magnesium alloy AlMG-5M
Number of passengers 5 persons
Price per boat  
with standard equipment
555 000 rub        
price: 555 000 rub

Extra description

Our northern nature is often capricious. Actually the same have our Scandinavian neighbors. Many years ago, the concept of a spacious cockpit and front half-deckhouse was developed. Our company only took into account the wishes of fishermen and weather conditions by developing a truly reliable and convenient boat. This length is considered to be optimal, because a boat, especially in such a concept, can access all water bodies, including large lakes. This boat is light enough and mobile. There is no need to install a powerful engine, and thus the boat is more economical and does not need a powerful car for transportation.

There is a combination of excellent sailing qualities of the boat, lack of porpoising, stability, comfortable ride in all conditions, smoothing stiff wave, maneuverability. The boat performs well in trolling mode and it is respected for it by experienced anglers. Hard top allows you to take shelter in bad weather, making fishing more comfortable, at the same time, protecting against splashing during waves.

In production we use only the best and proven materials. We use the most advanced technology of aluminum welding of seams. We provide the highest degree of reliability, at the same time, responding to aesthetic standards. Widely used the most modern equipment and the entire production is controlled and run by experienced technologists. Only high-quality materials from different countries are used in the decoration of the cabin and cockpit and manual labor ensures the reliability of the assembly.

The hull is made from a reliable aluminum, inner shell is from plastic. The whole technological process of production is under the strict control. Our company does not distinguish between expensive boats and boats of the low price category. In this case, the price is the only advantage of the boat, but the quality remains at a consistently impeccable level. We tried to create not just a reliable and seaworthy boat, but also comfortable. We have retired from the erroneous stereotype "boats for boots," when the final product gives the impression of an unfinished, cold boat. On 520 it is nice to fish and ride on the water surface.

The spacious cockpit makes it easy to put all the fishing gear and, if necessary, easily can be closed by the tent. Thus, this model is no way inferior to their "senior" brothers of our shipyard. It can be stored as fixed parking lot and transported to the places of fishing on the trailer.

We can’t fail saying about another area of application of the boats. It is hunting. It’s also a very popular hobby. It is fast, comfortable boat that can quiet enough come in hard to reach places thanks to a small hull pellet. This stability and enough space in the cockpit allow making an aimed shot.

And also we recommend boat trailers for independent boat transportation

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