Grizzly PRO JET

890 000 rub.
Grizzly 660 TARGA JET
This is one of the brightest and the most popular models in the line of boats for special purposes. Recognizable silhouette of the boat, ultra-secure casing and water jet equipment provide the widest range of application of the boat. It begins from fishing trips and travelling to remote places, where the conventional outboard can’t get and the time on the road is limited; ending with the special purpose functions, such as database services in remote locations; watchkeeping, delivery of equipment in  places, that are difficult to be reached. A perfect combination of comfort and reliability Grizzly  company is fully reflected in the model 660 Jet.
1 450 000 rub.
Grizzly 740 CABIN PRO JET
More and more of our citizens study places that are difficult to reach. Siberian rivers are an excellent example of this. However there are places in the European part of Russia that are not less dangerous for walking on a boat. The largest freshwater lake in Europe Ladoga is especially famous for its whims, sudden changes in depth and so on. In such circumstances you will feel much more comfortable in a sturdy and reliable boat. The jet engines are a great solution for such conditions. And Grizzly company has introduced its new development aluminum Pro Series 740 Jet boats. They are equipped with a powerful water jet engine, while retaining all the features of series of boats for harsh environments.

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