Grizzly PRO boats

3 350 000 rub.
Boat Kasatka 2M
This boat length of 8.46 m is designed for those who prefer to fish or to voyage in a big company. At the same time who prefers comfort and reliability but not the old phrase "in the crowded but not mad". The spacious cabin offers opportunities for fishing throughout the open-water season. It’s a perfect solution for those who seek to be alone with nature but prefer the comfort in difficult weather conditions. It is a reliable boat in all conditions and tough fishing.
1 150 000 rub.
GRIZZLY PRO 660 Cabin is the perfect solution for those who look for a compromise between the spacious boat that is convenient and comfortable even in difficult weather conditions. For those who from time to time carries a boat on a trailer, facing with the complexities of the descent into the unequipped areas. It is he most successful concept for the northern areas, fishing enthusiasts in the late autumn. Enclosed cab provides a comfortable environment in any weather and quite spacious cockpit supply a comfortable fishing. Hull lines are designed based on the exploitation of large water areas and in terms of excitement.
990 000 rub.
This model is for wishing weekend and family walks. The spacious aft cockpit can be optionally fully closed by tent. There is a spacious cabin with opportunity to install a heater and you can travel in all weather conditions. Bow cockpit facilitates and access to the beach at the "mooring nose", and allows you to fish comfortably. This boat is in the category of multifunctional and provides a comfortable environment in a variety of situations, whether it's travel among the islands, fishing far from shore, boat trips among the quays of large cities.
920 000 rub.
Mobile boat is ideal for those who travel by 2-3 people. Although it is only at first glance this boat is compact, in fact the cabin is able to accommodate up to 8 passengers that puts it on a par with a full weekend cruiser. It has powerful aluminum hull, good fluid dynamics, stylish design, large windshields. All these make the boat attractive for a variety of conditions: urban travels, long hikes, including fishing. It’s an easy and cost-effective, easily controlled and practical boat
880 000 rub.
It’s a current version for the northern regions, where rainfalls often greet fishermen. The ability to manage the boat regardless of the vagaries of the weather is particularly nice during the tangible excitement. In this weather the owners of open versions receive a portion of the fresh water. On this boat everything is set for comfortable fishing. Hard Top concept makes it easy to access to the cockpit, and at the same time it is not hot in the hot summer days in the cabin. Bow cockpit provides easy access to the beach. We have kept style the same for all boats Grizzly, making a reliable, practical and modern boat.

790 000 rub.
The classic layout of the boat will be enjoyed by a greater number of fans of fishing and hunting. It’s a fully open version with a control pannel shifted in the nose. It has the roomy cockpit, a large number of lockers, high-spirited and impetuous character. It is ideal for hunting seabirds as low draft allows to navigate in the most remote places. Powerful targa, which resembles a radar arch of the big cruise boats, emphasizes the fishing character of the boat. This boat is for real men who are not afraid of the vagaries of the weather.

PRO Series boats are for those who knows exactly what he wants. For those who value comfort and safety on the water. Who wants to get the most but understand at the same time, for which he pays the money. Who prefers to spend time away from the shore, without fear of impending squall. Who uses to combine a comfortable fishing and water rest. Who does not want to depend on the availability on the bases, preferring to go where he will rarely meet other fishermen. For those who care about the comfort of his passengers. We have created a special series of Grizzly Pro. This range of models is designed for a variety of conditions. It is for great lakes and off shore fishing. For vacation in a large company, long-distance travel, with the possibility to stay for the night, without being tied to a parking lot. Aluminum hulls are made in high-tech conditions, from marine aluminum alloy AlMG-5M, thickness of up to 6mm. Excellent navigability is combined with verified contours and allow safely approach the shore in virtually any environment. Pro Series has absorbed all the best from the world market experience, projecting all this on our operating conditions. It has retaining the overall style of the company: to make extremely high-quality, reliable, practical and stylish boat. Due to that we received a lot of positive feedback from our customers. Confidently holding a leading position in the market, we continue to improve our models, timely introducing new technologies in the production and assembly of our boats.

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